September 25, 2009

REWIND: Summer Vacation 2009

Ok, I suck at blogging. For real. And I always have to go months back in time.

I wanted to be good blogger and post all these pics the moment I got home. But then there was facebook and I thought what the hey, most people have already seen them there. Then I thought you know what I HATE? uploading pictures to blogger. So then I contemplated a Word Press blog. But ya'll have you tried that? It is way more complicated than blogger and as much as I love to mess with stuff on the computer, I have since given up at least 3 times to figure it out. HOWEVER, I did find it to be much easier to upload pictures. But everything else seems more complicated. I think what I need is my own domain name and downloading the full version to make all their features work well and the free one maybe just doesn't have all the spunk I want. But I am totally digressing here... the point is that at SOME point I may change to wordpress so I don't go months on end not posting anything because it is just frustrating and makes me want to be lazy.

So anywho, I am at home sick today, so thought it would a good time to re-live our fabulous cruise. So here ya go!

So vacation was good. Soooooo. sooooo. SooooooooooOOOOOOO. good.

I give you the port of Miami:

Look back at all the condos.

Pretty sailboats.

There was a complete rainbow when we left!!!

Had to have the right drink while we were leaving!

Nassau, Bahamas:
In the morning we walked around Nassau and saw their pink government buildings, their library (no A/C! just open windows) and their court buildings. It was very HOT. We also went to their national art gallery (hey they had air conditioning!) and a fort. And the Queens Staircase.

Finally a break, cooling off.

Queens Staircase

Then we went back to the boat to eat lunch on board. And then we took a cab to Paradise Island and went to B

We took a cab and were let out at a public beach. There were tons of people but if you walked down there was no one! It didn't say private beach so we kept going. The water was awesome. Like a swimming pool!! We walked all the way to the point you can see in the pic above.

When we got down to the point it was amazing. Too bad we didn't have snorkel gear!

Looking back at the Atlantis Resort.

I give you Cococay, Bahamas:You'll have to excuse me... I was in love with the coconut trees!!

I just couldn't stop taking pictures of them!
(and also have no idea how I turned underline on or how to turn it off, haha!!)

I enjoyed this uncrowded beach immensly. It was just right around the corner from everyone else all squished in this one place. I didn't understand it. Other than I guess the bar was really far from this spot.... or I guess people just didn't want to walk that far? just like on Cabbage Beach? no idea! it was beautiful and I was so happy I pretty much had it to myself.

And then the wonderful Key West:
Aaaah yeah, my husband was not going to wait in line to take a picture with this so we just kept moving. We ended up renting bikes to ride around the island. I loved riding the bikes!! might be my favorite part of the whole trip.

Key West beach is not as impressive when you have seen the Bahamas already. But it was still better than Texas!!

I like mine with lettuce and tomato, somethin somethin, and french fried potatoes. Cheese burger in paradise ah ah ahhhhh.

and of course had to have Key Lime Pie

And don't forget South Beach (where apparently I also video'd a necked ladeh... hey I just thought my husband was giving me the regular wierd look!! haha!)

It was a really hazy day on Miami Beach and we were tired. So not the greatest pics from that experience.

I just thought this was funny... for some reason. Saving lives is not really funny but I kinda wanted to see it happen.

Versace mansion

And we would go back in a heart beat. Husband is already scouting a cruise out of San Juan.

July 4, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009 - Day 2

  1. Slept until 11. Yeah, I know, I am lame.
  2. Cleaned a few things up along with hubbies help.
  3. Watched alot of TV, got on FB of course.
  4. Went to Target.
  5. Tried to get a pedi, but all the places were closed because I waited too long on July 4th. Okay, I suppose you need to celebrate our wonderful nation, so I was not upset. My toes however, still need some love.
  6. Grillin' and chillin' with hubs and a few beers.
  7. TWO MORE DAYS. Well more accurately, 36 hours until we leave.
  8. Watching Deadliest Catch. That show is addicting.
  9. Did some packing. My husbands clothes and shoes take up WAY TOO much room! damn.

July 3, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009 - Day 1

Well Day 1 for BRIDGET anyway. Bear is on like day 30 or something, he has practically lost count of what day it is all together. But lets not dwell on that.

3 days until our cruise! Woo!

So we really started vacation on both Wednesday evening AND then also last night. Wednesday we met Shelly and her crew at Ozona for drinks for her birthday. She is 29 in case you didn't know. And we had a great time there listening to funny stories and started to get wound up.

We went home but then Bear decided we should call people and go to Murphy's Law. So we called his teacher friends and my sister and met up there for beers. It was fun, Bear of course was having an awesome time knowing that he did not have to go to work the next day. I was having fun until I realized it was midnight, I had already drank too much, Bears volume level was on high, AND I had to go to work the next day and be functional. So I was pretty much ready to go at that exact second, so home we went. And Thursday I went to work. I tried to get breakfast at McDonald's but their stupid CC machine was not working. And well, everyone knows I don't carry cash. Most days I would have been pretty mad since I had already waited in line, but I was tired and it really kinda mellowed me out for the whole day actually. I did my work and was outta there by 4:30. And vacation officially started.

To start it off, I fell asleep on the couch until 9:30.

Then I got up and we decided we should go out somewhere again. We had said we were going to go to Harry's but we didn't leave the house until 11 pretty much so we just went to the Fox. Amanda and Ross met us there and it was a nice time until us old people got tired and went home.

So today I did a few things... went to Walmart, tanned. Then just now I fixed the most amazing dinner ever. I am awesome. Yes I am. Chicken fried back strap with gravy, cheesy garlic mashed potatoes, corn on the cob AND.... AND.... wait for it.... a fresh peach cinnamon crisp. Also sweet tea. You are welcome husband!!

And now the best part - Bear is doing the dishes. You are welcome Bridget. ;-)

June 17, 2009

I have a love/hate relationship with summer

Well this might get long... but I love and hate the summer time all at the same time.

In the HATE category we have:
  1. I hate that I have to work while my husband does things like this:

  2. I hate having to wear a swim suit.

  3. I hate that I don't tan easily.

  4. I hate that there are a million things I want to do but it is all so expensive.

  5. I hate that gas prices go up.

  6. I hate that I can't concentrate at work because I just don't want to be there!!! Anywhere but there!!

  7. I hate it when it is THIS hot in June and knowing how bad August will be.

  8. I hate watering my yard and the A/C bill.

  9. I hate shaving my legs all the time so I can wear shorts.

And in the love category:

  1. I love that I get to go on vacation.

  2. I love the taste of a cold beer on a hot day.

  3. I love when it finally rains.

  4. I love the beach if I get to go.

  5. I love veggies from the garden.

  6. I love summery dresses and wearing capris to work.

  7. I love summery shoes and flip flops.

  8. I love that it is so hot it is usually always acceptable to wear my hair in a pony tail.

  9. I love floating the river.

  10. I love eating fried squash.

  11. I love eating my grandpas dill pickles.

  12. I love our yard when the grass is just cut (that is if we can manage to keep it from dying).

June 2, 2009

hard core vacation preparation

My feet hurt! I have blisters! It's hot! and I just don't know if I am hard core enough for this working out stuff. I once was very good at it way back in high school. But not so much anymore. My feet really hurt, I need new shoes apparently, and no pedicure is going to even look good if I have blisters all over.

So how do I keep working out!? I have made it 4 weeks working out and eating better. Of course it was not every one of those days but it has been at least 3 to 4 times per week. And they say you need to do something for 30 days for it to be a habit right? Sadly I have only lost 5 lbs or so (I think). I guess I should be happy with that... and that was even weighing at night and not first thing in the morning.

And because I am stupid I just called today to make a hair appointment and now I can't get in until June 30. UGH! and I didn't have a choice on the time so I have to take time off work now. So I guess it should look nice though.

Plus I started tanning. But the girl gave me an extra minute or something and now I kinda burned. I am in one of the higher level stand up beds so that one minute was enough to do it. Thanks girl, I am know I am white! But the white will only be RED unless I take it easy and gradually go for longer. GEEZ. So I had to skip today. Ah well, forgot my tanning lotion anyhow.

And I think this weekend calls for shopping. I still need a dress. I found a few on but I would really rather be able to try it on and of course the cheaper the better! If you know any good online places other than that, let me know, just in case I don't find something.

I am more hard core about getting ready to GO on a vacation than anything else. I think I am spending more money just to get ready than I may spend the whole time we are away! I hope it is all worth it in the end. I just pray there is at least ONE picture that I don't want to (burn or delete I guess in this case). It is all things I neglect to do on a regular basis anyway so I am going to justify it that way.

May 27, 2009

My Boyfriend George

I just watched the tribute to George Strait. And it really doesn't matter what age I get to, or what new song he comes out with, I love him. And I love his songs. I am more than happy to let him stand there and sing them without anything else.

Maybe it is being from a small town? Because who from a small town doesn't love him?

It brings back so many good memories that start early. Singing on the way to the beach in the summer, singing on the bus in elementary on field trips, our first boy/girl dance at R&K Cafe (yep), on the way to and from volleyball and softball games (right along with Baby's Got Back), in the car with girlfriends riding around town, dancing at the Ballroom in G-town, going out to Harry's in college, partying in Dime Box, our wedding, road trips, floating trips on the Frio.

And I saw him in concert in Austin once. He was tiny but I could still see that cute bootie. Just tons of good times. I die inside each time my coworker that I car pool with changes the song when GEORGE is playing. The other day he did it 3 times!! I understand country music is not everyone's cup of tea but I don't care. George is the King. Now I also love Texas Country and when I hear it I want to grab a beer and find the nearest dancehall. But George makes me want to scoot a boot and sing out loud at the top of my lungs.

And he is one of those guys that just keeps getting better. If you know what I mean. Can I get a hell yeah?

May 26, 2009

lazy L A Z Y

GAH the motivation today is the lowest of all time I think. Well maybe not of ALL time but pretty darn close after a 3 day weekend.

Saturday I went to help Dee paint her bedroom. Had fun with her and her friends Rachel and Sima. And I was home by noon on Sunday. I did not do much the rest of the day and the hubs took me out to TGI Friday's for a $5 salad that evening. Nice deal, they also have $5 sandwiches, not sure when it ends. Yesterday we cleaned the house and that is about all. I was happy I didn't sleep too late and that we got alot done PLUS relaxed some. I tried to watch the movie Ru.nnin.g with Sc.issor.s. I am either really stupid or this movie really does suck. I turned it off - way too wierd for me.

So nothing too exciting going on. I just want to do anything but actually work today. All I can concentrate on is our upcoming vacation. I hope I can make it that long!!!!! 41 days and counting.

Random things I am thinking about/doing rather than doing what I need to be doing:

  • Online review of cruise ship: not stellar, kinda scared now
  • Online review of previous ship we have been on: food great, now more scared of our new ship
  • STOP STOP STOP freaking out about reviews, mostly cranky old people write them.
  • You are not cranky and old. You will have fun.
  • Bear will eat anything so no need to worry about food quality. HEHE
  • You forgot to take the wine that Dee gave you out of your car.
  • It has been in the heat for 2 days.
  • Hope the cork stays in.
  • I will probably drink it no matter what. (as long as it is not on the floor board of my car)
  • I really want a piece of chocolate. (K gave me toffee, YAY!)
  • Matt invited us to the lake.
  • DO want to ride on new boat.
  • Need to run, run, run, run.
  • Did walk 3 miles last night with hubs. That was nice.
  • Need a tan. BAD.
  • Have lots of moles and scared of tanning. Will get cancer.
  • Too bad, must have tan.
  • HUNGRY for something really good and yummy.
  • Don't want to feel guilty for eating something yummy.
  • Want Ninfa's tonight.
  • Want margarita with salt*.
  • Need to run, run, run, run.
  • Already have leftovers and hubby has softball practice.
  • Hubby's teacher softball team is going to suck. Might be entertaining to watch for once.
  • OOMMMGGGG it is only 4:06. Torture.
  • Will have wine instead of margarita.
  • With my leftover turkey natchos.
  • Turkey tacos were great last night!!
  • Do not buy all white ground turkey, the mixed was way better.
  • I did accomplish at least 4 make that 5 things at work today despite my lazyness. I feel proud.
  • Need a haircut and highlight.
  • My eye is still twitching. When will it stop?

Review of fast food salads in light of diet for CRUISE CRUISE CRUISE:

  • I had Schlotszky's today and my half a BLT was burnt. And my salad was a little old. Don't really recommend the small garden salad because of that. HOWEVER, after I ordered I saw that their larger salads are only $3.99. And they looked fresh. Next time I guess.
  • I also don't recommend the Whatabu.rger salads. Crispy chicken is yummy, old lettuce not so much.
  • Yes, I know, Whataburger is not known for salads and crispy chicken is not so healthy. But I am trying. I haven't had a hamburger in 3 weeks. And I only broke down and had fries ONE time and that was at McD's and they were small. I feel like I have turned over a new leaf (hehe).
  • I DO however recommend the Subway $5 salad with black forest ham. Yummy and filling.
  • I DO also recommend the Chick-fil-a salads. They are 6.99 but have broccoli and fresh tomatoes on it. Of course I go with the crispy chicken on it instead of grilled. I have to have SOME satisfaction. Plus, as K says, Chick-fil-a is practically all health food. (YES IT SO IS).
  • TGI Fridays pecan crusted chicken salad. VERY yummy. But from what I find online, packed with lots and lots of calories. No wonder if was so good. I find anywhere from 750 to 1,360 in calories. I only ate half so I won't feel too bad, but probably could pick something much better.
  • Cheddar's salad - always always always good.
  • Only 4:35. For the love.
  • Forgot that the Wings N More grilled chicken ceasar is wonderful. LOVE. And probably was high in calories too, but come on. All that green stuff. Has to be at least a little bit good for you.
  • 4:41. Sigh.

** Can you believe that the last 2 margaritas I have had, I cut the SALT? I know. I am a crazy wild freak.

May 17, 2009

Mid-May Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun. I find it successful that I went out on the town twice, so to speak, and woke up feeling fine both times. Maybe I am finally learning? Well probably not, but we will add one to the win column for now anyway.

Friday we went over to my BILs GFs house to celebrate her graduation. YAY Cookie!! In her own words, she is a big girl now ;-) Which to me being a big girl is not toooo bad. Yes sometimes I wish I could choose to skip out on work like you can on class, but otherwise big girl status is pretty good in my book. So Bear played washers and I tried to find people to talk to and eventually we ended up over at another graduates house and hooked up with Dee and Jason and went to North Gate. (or them Gates as Bear calls them) We went to the Corner and it was fun and surprisingly cool up on the rooftop bar. Time flies though and we didn't go to bed until 2 which is very late for this big girl.

Saturday we had a slow start, coffee helped all. Then after D&J took us back to our truck, we ended up going to the Longhorn Tavern in Bryan for lunch. Bear has never been there! We used to eat there at least once a week when I worked out at Riverside Campus in college. It hasn't changed much and is still pretty good. I also managed to find something decently healthy on the menu - grilled chicken - and it was excellent. Unfortunately the only thing available as a side is either a baked potato or FF. So that took it down a notch. Oh well. It's not like the beer I drank all weekend was helping the diet status anyhow.

Saturday evening, after watching it rain all afternoon, we headed over to the annual Walker crawfish boil where it was most unfortunately still raining. I LOVE me some crawfish though so we didn't let it stop us. Like I am embarrassed that I really can't stop eating it. And most especially when they have so much of it. I watched Bear and Chris play beer pong and drank from a Dos Equis KEG! I love that stuff and I never even thought to get a keg of it! And I am happy and surprised to know that it does not give me a headache. Good to know.

So then today, Sunday, I slept till noon. Gotta love that!! And not sure what else today has in store. Maybe a movie. And I definitely have to go to the mall and to Kohls. But I think that is about it.

Oh and this it the swimsuit I ordered from VS for our trip.

I am so happy - it fits!!! And is really cute. The bottoms even cover my extra large bootie and that makes a gal ever so happy. I did order medium bottoms though and while they do fit, with the skirt over them it is just a tad too tight (you can see the waist line under the skirt) I am going to exchange them for a large. AND as an added extra extra bonus when I called to get the exchange - the whole suit was even more on SALE!!! So I got an adjustment on all the items. SCORE. Now I just have to do an excessive amount of situps everyday before the trip and we will be good.

May 6, 2009


As you can tell I am very excited. ;-)

We booked a vacation to cruise to the Bahamas. !!!!


Ok, and yes, Bear has said that he would not go a cruise again. However, in light of the recent scare for sw.ine fl.u in Mexico we were trying to look for other ideas. Because Mexico was our first choice for something cheap and FUN to do as a trip. We didn't totally rule it out because of the flu... And we have said we would not go there on a cruise again because it is more fun to fly there and lay on the beach the entire time with all the food and drinks you could want.

But sadly, with the flu stuff and then us just waiting too long, we couldn't really find a deal good enough to go there (in our opinion anyway) plus we had this nagging feeling that we wanted to go somewhere we haven't been before. Those thoughts turned into dreams of going to Hawaii instead. The rooms and flights right now are super good deals! But once we started looking at all we would want to do, it just adds up really fast and to way too much. Something for another time.

So then Bear found a cruise out of Miami to Nassau, Bahamas, Cococay (some cruise ship private island) and Key West, Florida. And we looked everywhere high and low to see what kind of deals we could get on that or something similar plus airfare. And finally we settled on it and hit all the buttons ;-) I admit I was little crazed after we hit the button and spent the money. All these things run through my mind - OMG DID WE DO THE RIGHT THING? GAH. Will it be cheaper tomorrow? ect ect ect

Then Bear sent me these pictures today from Google Earth.

Yep. I think we did the right thing. So excited!! I hope I can get some pictures like that too!

April 25, 2009

REWIND: Spring Break 2009

So I am trying to upload a slide show done with iPhoto and imported as a Quick Time movie file to iTunes. I am curious if PC users will be able to see it. Can you leave a comment that you can or can't see it please? I thought it might be easier than posting pictures although the image quality is probably not as good as uploading the pictures...

The first weekend of Spring Break we went with Coach G and his gang to Shrev.eport to the El Do.rado Cas.ino. It was really alot of fun. But no pictures because I forgot my camera. All you would see is my husband losing me money and me trying to win it back anyway ;-) I just don't know that I am cut out for gambling. While it is fun, I HATE losing money. So... yeah, not as much fun as it could be if I could get over that part. But I really liked the hotel and the location. There are several other casinos near by, also restaurants and bars and across the river there is a really nice outlet mall. So even if you don't want to gamble there are a variety of things to do.

So on the second part of spring break we went to, Arka.nsas, to visit Bear's old boss who is the headmaster of a private school there. It is a town about the size of Dime Box but then there is this huge catholic all boys boarding school there. The school is very pretty, but its placement just seems so random! So we toured the school and then we were supposed to stay in their hotel but ended up with a really cute bed and breakfast which was a cute little house all to ourselves.

On the first day after we toured the school and the new house being built for the headmaster, we decided to go exploring. He had given us their GPS so we wouldn't get lost. We thought we would go to a winery and it just so happened there were 4 all on one road. So we basically started at the top of a hill and made our way down. They were very free with their tastings and after an hour marathon I was pretty toasty. So then we ended up eating Mexican food in I don't even remember where except that it was on the Arka.nsas river and as we were finishing up we saw a guy who had served us wine earlier. The food was not good, as you would expect but it served its purpose, and then we went back to the house and crashed.

The second day it rained. We were supposed to go to a double header baseball game but it was canceled. So we spend most of the day lounging on the couch watching basketball, reading and playing on the computer. They had wireless internet so I was in heaven of course. And Bear had a book and the Aggie basketball game so HE was also very relaxed. It was very nice. Later we wanted to go eat in Paris (see I did get to go to Paris over the break, just not the one I wanted to go to). We were going to eat a local place but they had a sign posted on the door that they were closing in 15 minutes for their daughters wedding. So we ended up at Pizza Hut instead. You can never go wrong with that...

Then later in the afternoon we made our way to Mount Magazine State Park. I wanted to go on at least one hike and the headmaster and his family were going to meet us up at the big lodge for dinner. When we stopped to get a map at the visitors center there was a wedding going on in a big pavilion next door. We can only assume it was the restaurant owner's daughter! It is a small town so it is completely possible and very likely. We thought it was funny! So then we did one hike to the highest point in Ark.ansas. You know you are so jealous! And then we did a few scenic overlooks and then headed to the lodge. And it was SO NICE! They also have a hotel and cabins for rent that are really pretty. And it looks down over a small lake below. We had an OK dinner but the most memorable part was when we went to order beer. You had to be registered or be with someone who is registered in order to drink. So we all had to sign this big book before we could order. How strange is that? We thanked them for having us and letting us stay in the cute little house and then headed back "home".

And the next day we made the marathon drive home. And it hit me that it certainly is true that everything is bigger in Texas. We crossed the border and I was happy to be back. And all the buildings and the road, the visitors center, everything was bigger and certainly BETTER. Plus we saw a Starbucks, a Sonic and real Mexican food places again ;-) I really don't think I could live anywhere else.

April 24, 2009

REWIND: Christmas Vacation, more pics

REWIND: Christmas Vacation

And no, not the Che.vy Chris.tmas Va.cation. Although, hmmm, if I think about it there might be some similarities. AhehheHA.

This past Christmas break my parents were nice enough to take us on a trip to the beach in Por.t I know a lot of people are like why do you go in the winter? Well it is a good get away and while you can't get in the water, you can still walk on the beach. Or sleep. Or eat. Or play xbox if you are Bear. Or read a book if you are mom. Or drink Mexican martini's if you are ME.

We did several things, although I don't have pictures of some of them.
  • On the way there, Bear and I stopped at Goliad to look around the church and mission. I wish it had not been cloudy because the pictures would have been better...
  • Bear got to ring the bell in the church.
  • Dad rested. He took naps and ate.
  • Amanda and Bear played golf. I drove the golf cart. It was COLD and windy. And they ended with the moon up.
  • Bear played xbox. alot.
  • I walked on the beach, drank yummy drinks, cooked and oddly cleaned the kitchen.
  • I also watched TV, played on the laptop and tried to read a book.
  • Mom read a whole book, played with K&K when they happened down at a neighboring hotel at the same time we were there.
  • Mom, Amanda and I took a boat ride over to St. Joseph Island to look for seashells. We found trash mainly and not to many good sea shells. We each found a whole sand dollar. It took me like 2 hours and alot of complaining before I FINALLY found one.
  • We went out to eat once at Castaways. It was OK. I would say skip it if you have a choice.
  • Bear, Amanda and I went looking for some bars. So we went to the new Port A Brewing company. It seemed they were out of every beer I ordered. NICE. Then we went to Sharkey's. Classy.
  • We visited the USS Lex.ington in Corpus Christi. I enjoyed it, but I think everyone else probably enjoyed is MORE. I like going to that kind of stuff and looking, but I get bored pretty quickly. We also watched an iMAX movie... now I can't even remember what it was about :-) but I bet everyone else could tell you. I was over it by that time.
  • We did have a good time and Bear says he is ready to go back.

I was really into some of the architecture/doors/walls, etc. So I took alot of pictures that probably no one else cares about. But I have had fun with them. What do you think?

And what do you think this skull and crossbones on the back of the church over a door could possibly mean? any catholics out there than can explain this?

Ok, BLOGGGEERRRR. You suck at letting me upload pictures in any goodlooking format. So I shall start a new post for pictures. LESSON. UPLOAD PICS FIRST. Then start typing. ugh...