May 24, 2008

Breaker! breaker! you still there?

Yep, I am still here. But May has been flying by and not much has really been going on that has caused me to have a good reason for blogging. I guess that is good - nothing has happened that I needed to seriously vent about - but also bad - is my life really that boring that I have nothing to tell anyway. Well yes to both!

Let's see... since my last post, we had a college graduation and party for Bear's cousin, Mother's Day and my Dad's Bday all in one weekend. I actually have 2 stories on that weekend.

Interesting and funny story #1... We stayed in DB at my MILs after the graduation party for A and when I got up to go to the bathroom about 1:30 AM, I discovered we were locked into the bedroom. How does that happen you say? Well... here is how. She has those type of door knobs that you pull down to open the door. A few other times we stayed I noticed it was getting increasingly harder to get it open and would probably eventually break. Well when we went to bed that night I noticed it was definitely broken, no more handle at all, but if you pushed the mechanism still left in the knob hole, the open/close part still worked. I decided not to close it all the way, just in case, but MIL has 2 baby kittens in the house roaming around and they kept coming in the room. So I DOUBLE checked the mechanism AGAIN and it worked so I decided to go ahead and close the door. Well... fastforward to 1:30 and it would NOT open AT ALL. And I have to PEE! So I have to wake up Bear, we all know that did not go well. He is mad and proceeds to break even more of the mechanism to where I seriously doubt we are ever getting out. Well I grew up in a trailer house and I have to PEE and so I start eyeing the window. He is telling me I can't jump out the window and yada yada and I just put on my shoes and say watch me! I have done it a million times crawling in and out of the trailer house windows when I locked myself out. So jump, go around to the unlocked back door, let myself in and I finally PEE and then get the tool box. We keep trying and finally I get the door open. Yes, me, the GIRL! But at any rate... we were not stuck in there forever and also we did not have to tear down the down the door. And we slept peacefully until about 11:30 AM ;-)

Interesting Story #2... So on Saturday I go to my Mema's to hang out and do somethings my mom wanted me to do a their "Mother's Day gifts". Well I show up and mom is all "Where is your husband". She NEVER said he needed to come and I don't force him to because it is just easier and more fun for me if he doesn't mope around being bored. PLUS, it was all girls so I had a momentary freak out that why would he come hang out with a bunch of GIRLS (well and one 2 yr old boy). But the reason she wanted him to be there is because she wanted to make ribs for my dad's bday (which was on Sunday). But not just charcoal grilled ribs, the real deal BBQ with wood fire and sop and all that. You know the MANLY kind of BBQ. So my sister and I get the bright idea to try this ourselves. No we are not men, but we figured if they could do it while consuming a few cases of beer, we could do it sober. We made (uhm, my sister made) a fire and were pretty proud of ourselves. I made a sop for the meat. We got coals and put them in the BBQ and put the meat on. Well nothing was really happening and then my Dad shows up. Then Bear shows up. Of course, we had done it ALL WRONG but whatev. Basically, we just didn't build a big enough fire so we did not get enough coals. But we didn't do TOO bad considering we had never done it before and probably way better than mom trying it herself (sorry, ma, love ya!). So they built a big manly fire and we had some ribs about 8:30 at night. HEHEE!

Last weekend we went to a crawfish boil. That was so FUN and I wish I had some more crawfish right this very minute. So yummy.

And this weekend we have done nothing. It is lovely, really it is... but I am starting to get kinda bored and I have Sunday and Monday to get through. Tomorrow I will have to do some cleaning. Things are just kinda messy. And I need to straighten it all up because my parents are coming on Monday to make some grub after moving my sister. They are about to take her to Montana for an internship so it will be good to hang out with them before they leave this Friday. It is going to be weird for her to be gone for 3 months! But that is our only Memorial Day plan. Bear has to work. I do NOT feel bad for him considering he will not be at his "real job" for the next 2.5 months. Although he will be working since he has the meanest wife on earth.

So still here... just not alot to say right now. 10-4, I'm out.

Krista, I just googled "Breaker! Breaker!" and it is a 1977 film starring Chuck Norris. HEEHEEE!!!

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