December 5, 2008

Project: Sorry that I left you hanging

The project is over and turned out OK. Excuse the the whole porch and columns on the house because I did those in 5 minutes. The 5 minutes AFTER I arrived at the party so go figure that they look kinda dumb. But I was DONE and that is all that mattered. Then I had a couple of cold beers. Love being from a small town German family where it is OK to have a keg at a 90 year old birthday party ... and drink with or in front of your preacher. HA!

So here is what it ended up looking like:

It was by no means perfect or an exact replica as I had hoped, but my husband did keep complementing me so that made me feel good. My mom thought I should have cut out all the places where windows and doors were so that they would be flush with the house "siding". I told her she could do it next time then.
Now, who wants a gingerbread house to decorate for Christmas? It is sitting on my kitchen table. I don't have the heart to throw it away but I don't want to keep it. Maybe this weekend I will finally throw it away!


  1. Oh, WOW!! I never saw the final shots, it looks terrific!! I am super-impressed. I bow to you and your mad house-replication skillz. :)

  2. This was lovely thanks for writing this


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