June 24, 2008

The latest events... and why I am a total loser!

This past weekend was Aunt D's wedding. It was quite lovely and I got all teary eyed as she came down the aisle and stuff. I hate it when brides cry! I mean you can't help but remember that very scary yet wonderfully joyous moment that it was for yourself. It just makes you cry...

After the ceremony the reception was at the church hall. They had it all decorated up with round tables and white chairs, table cloths and even nice folded napkins! Not the type of stuff I am used to seeing at most DB weddings. So it was quite nice (NOT that there aren't nice weddings in DB, there are, but you get what I mean!).

I was in charge of cutting the cake. S and A helped me get through that. I was nervous for some reason, but once I started cutting, I was fine. Or could it be the 2 glasses of wine I had before I started cutting? Hmm. So we cut most of the cake and laid it out for people to come and get themselves. Then we got in line to eat. I really did not eat enough... because then it looked like more cake needed to be cut and then we were asked to pass out the cake since the girls they had planned to do that for them didn't want to. So I got up and finished cutting and I must say I passed off the asking people if they want some to my MIL. Hey, she was good at it!

So then I had a few more glasses of wine and here is where things start heading in the wrong direction. Hence why I am a loser. Because the reception was at the church hall, we had to be out by 10 so the party was moving to Aunt D's barn (don't judge people, this is how we do it in the big DB and it is FUN). So we go to the barn and start playing flippy cup. Oh wait, FIRST, I get another glass of wine. And finish it while playing flippy cup with BEER. Do you see the direction we are headed here? That is right... drinking game = BB is so stupid and is a loser. She is not in college anymore, but somehow she thinks she is. Because after playing that game, I don't remember what happened. Certain people have filled in the details and so I have remembered a few things. But basically, the next hour before we leave and go to bed and all that... NADA. Nope I just wake up the next morning feeling like you know what. LOSER!

So now that it is finally Friday the guilt of that has finally worn off. Isn't that how it always happens? You swear off drinking for a few days after and then it doesn't sound so bad again. When will I learn? I am almost 30 and haven't learned yet...

June 19, 2008

Loving Life

Today is a good day.

(much better than the last day I posted, obviously!)

I am not sure why exactly today is so good. But it is. Maybe because I laughed alot this morning and that always feels great. Laughter is definitely the best medicine, always.

June has gone by without one post from me. So here is the low down on June so far... I am feeling listy today.

The first weekend in June was jam packed with fun.

  • Friday night we went out for a bachelorette party. I didn't drink because I didn't feel good. We ate at Abuelo's and I sent everyone off to have a good time at Northgate without me.
  • Saturday I slept in and cleaned house. Then we left for a wedding in G-town. It was a very nice, sweet wedding on the courthouse steps. The reception was basically a grand pasture party complete with BBQ, beer and a live band. I was still not feeling good and got a killer headache from the heat or something and so went home early. Again, no drinking because I felt bad. And I didn't get to dance to the great band. Probably saved me a hangover though!
  • We stayed at the MILs and then tried to get up to go to church on Sunday. But, turns out our alarm clock was wrong by one hour in the wrong direction. So we woke up too late. Instead we went to eat at MY FAVORITE chinese place on the planet - Hunan's in G-town. OMG I love that place. I have never had anything anywhere else like it. Then I convinced Bear to take me out to my Grandparents in Fedor. I needed to visit but also had alterior motives: fresh veggies from the garden. When we go there I thought my grandpa was taking a nap and I didn't want to scare him or wake him up, so we got a few things from the garden ourselves and left. (Turned out he was at a family reunion which I did not know was going on that day down the road.) So then I said why don't we visit my Mema. We go there and she was not home either! I took some more vegetables and left her a note.
  • Then we were off to DB again for a graduation party. The end. (and maybe it was not such a good weekend after all, nothing seemed to work out and there was no drinking! pooh)

On to last weekend....

  • We were off Thursday and Friday and went to the FRIO. I love the Frio! Except this year it was so very, very, very low. And we didn't stay where we normally stay, instead we "camped" at Bec's RV which is not on the river with A & M (hee!) and S & R from DB. We stayed in A & M's pop up camper. It was fun except for the water being so low. We couldn't really tube on the parts of the river we normally do. And my back got a really bad sunburn on the last day.
  • Basically, we would get up and make breakfast. Then fart around until 11, then tube, then come back and take a 2 to 3 hour nap. Then we would wonder if we should go on another tube, but instead we would just cook dinner and eat AGAIN. I gained 5 lbs. No kidding. From 4 days. So 1.25 pounds per day. As if I needed THAT! ah vacations...

What's up this weekend: Aunt D's wedding in DB, stay tuned.

I think part of my good mood today is also that work has finally slowed down and given me a much needed (and in my book dare I say deserved) break. I got done with some really big proposals and it feels nice to breath and you know maybe check the news while at work! Or just in general get a moment to breath! So YAY for that.