June 24, 2008

The latest events... and why I am a total loser!

This past weekend was Aunt D's wedding. It was quite lovely and I got all teary eyed as she came down the aisle and stuff. I hate it when brides cry! I mean you can't help but remember that very scary yet wonderfully joyous moment that it was for yourself. It just makes you cry...

After the ceremony the reception was at the church hall. They had it all decorated up with round tables and white chairs, table cloths and even nice folded napkins! Not the type of stuff I am used to seeing at most DB weddings. So it was quite nice (NOT that there aren't nice weddings in DB, there are, but you get what I mean!).

I was in charge of cutting the cake. S and A helped me get through that. I was nervous for some reason, but once I started cutting, I was fine. Or could it be the 2 glasses of wine I had before I started cutting? Hmm. So we cut most of the cake and laid it out for people to come and get themselves. Then we got in line to eat. I really did not eat enough... because then it looked like more cake needed to be cut and then we were asked to pass out the cake since the girls they had planned to do that for them didn't want to. So I got up and finished cutting and I must say I passed off the asking people if they want some to my MIL. Hey, she was good at it!

So then I had a few more glasses of wine and here is where things start heading in the wrong direction. Hence why I am a loser. Because the reception was at the church hall, we had to be out by 10 so the party was moving to Aunt D's barn (don't judge people, this is how we do it in the big DB and it is FUN). So we go to the barn and start playing flippy cup. Oh wait, FIRST, I get another glass of wine. And finish it while playing flippy cup with BEER. Do you see the direction we are headed here? That is right... drinking game = BB is so stupid and is a loser. She is not in college anymore, but somehow she thinks she is. Because after playing that game, I don't remember what happened. Certain people have filled in the details and so I have remembered a few things. But basically, the next hour before we leave and go to bed and all that... NADA. Nope I just wake up the next morning feeling like you know what. LOSER!

So now that it is finally Friday the guilt of that has finally worn off. Isn't that how it always happens? You swear off drinking for a few days after and then it doesn't sound so bad again. When will I learn? I am almost 30 and haven't learned yet...

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