July 8, 2008

I am ready. Well, almost ready.

So 2 days of vacation are gone :-(

I have done alot in the past 2 days though. And I am tired. I am sore. I can barely move. But darn it, I got everything done that I wanted to do.
  • I weeded the flower bed. (I wanted to mulch it too, but I am saving that for a day my husband can lift the bags for me. Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.)
  • I vacuumed out the truck. I did a half ass job but Bear made a MESS of that thing. HE can clean it up.
  • I vacuumed out the car, windexed the windows and washed the outside. AND even vacuumed out the trunk too. Downside was 20 minutes after I finished, it rained.
  • I organized the file cabinet and shredded old documents. I signed up for paperless billing for utilities and phone stuff. I don't need those piles of paper now do I? I had been holding on to things from 2003!!!
  • I also cleaned up the guest bedroom.
  • I ironed things that had been sitting there for ever.
  • I got all the clothes washed.
  • I cleaned the entire kitchen. Not even any dishes left on the counter to "dry".
  • I mopped the whole house.
  • I called the extension office to ask about our dead tree. They are coming next Tuesday.
  • I mowed the football field and got really sunburn. It looks very special since I was wearing a tank top.
  • I ran errands: mailed stuff, went to the bank, had change counted at bank, went to Ssteinmart to return things and went to Walmart.

Still a few things I wish I had done:

  • Mulching the flower bed.
  • Get a hair cut and highlight.
  • Get oil changed and tires rotated and balanced on the car. It can wait until we get back from NOLA (or that is what we think anyway, we have roadside assistance if something happens)
  • Organize pictures and buy negative protectors. I actually was about to order some stuff online, but then I decided not too. For another day...

Next, I need to pack and get ready for our trip. I have kept myself busy so I haven't really been thinking about it enough to get excited. But I am excited... I am sure I won't be able to sleep tonight... I really feel like a nap RIGHT NOW but since I usually have sleep issues anyway when I stay somewhere else, I guess I better skip it. I still have to wash my hair, shave and paint my toes. Then I have to pack everything. That will probably take me the next 2 hours until Bear gets home. And I will probably still make us late somehow.


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