July 18, 2008

Last Friday...

I was in New Orleans. And today I am at work. I really wish I could reverse back to last Friday. I believe I was getting out of bed and getting ready to go eat lunch about this time. We went to Court of Two Sisters for our first meal of the day. Or if you are Bear, you call it Tale of Two Sisters. And then we cruised the shops on Royal Street. AND Bear was actually into it and said I could go into any shop I wanted. Which of course, he regretted later. It was fun! No purchases just browsing, but still fun. I will have to post the whole 4 day trek when I download the pictures. I suppose I will get to that this weekend.

Until then, I am stuck here at work. Amazingly, I can still get to blogger as management picked this week to lock down all outside websites. Ah, the joy of working with people who can't act like adults on a regular basis. And therefore ruin it for everyone. This is me sticking my tongue out at you, as most of you are all older than me, and therefore should know to act PROFESSIONAL.

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