August 10, 2008


Well... mucho has happened in the last week.

  • Bear took at new job with Bryan ISD
  • Bear was happy and excited and we knew we would have slightly more money to spend this next year so in true Bridget and Bear style, we went and spent the MONEY before we even have it. Oh come on, you all know it is what we do and you are laughing RIGHT NOW.
  • We bought a Wii
  • And Wii Fit
  • And Super Mario Kart
  • Bear got sad about leaving his last job a few times over the week, but then we just play Wii and he is FINE then.
  • Wii hhheeee heeeee

So much of the last week, I just played VIDEO GAMES. Yes, meeee, I play the Wii. Bear is amazed and so am I. I vehemently complain about him playing the Xbox (which YES we still have) but now I am so addicted. I mean I stayed up last night and played Mario Kart until 12:30 because I wanted to play every course in ORDER. So now I have done that. I think I got first in them all except for ONE. See I even keep score. And we can even play people online. WTH is happening?

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