August 22, 2008

Much ado

about nothing...

It is Friday again and here I am for my weekly post.

Last weekend was fun and quite relaxing. We had a talk about money before our trip and I was told by my husband to stop stressing out about it. So after alot of kicking and screaming I have tried to take his advice. It made for a nice weekend where I didn't care what we did or how much it cost (to a certain degree). I think there were several factors that helped me do this. 1) Bears new job 2)excepting the fact we have bills that will not be paid off in the immediate future no matter how hard I try 3)Bear took care of all the details.

Friday we went out to dinner with D, J and C to Pancho's. Bear freakin' loves him some Pancho's and none of the rest of us can complain either. So then we went to the liquor store on the way home. We were planning on playing a game but ended up sitting on the couch watching the Olympics. D and I tried to drink a bottle of wine, but failed to finish it before we wanted to go to bed. Lame, well yes maybe, but I believe we were all totally fine with it.

Saturday D and J made us breakfast, which was awfully nice of them. Then later that afternoon Bear and I headed to our hotel and got ready for the concert with Coach G and his wife.

The concert was awesome, except for the fact that it was so LOUD. I don't mean to sound 80, but seriously it was MUCH louder than necessary. They were trying to blast the sound to China as far as I could tell and when we left I think a freight train could have been coming up behind us and none of us would have known. Bear says his ears are still ringing (let's face it, he acts 80 sometimes so are we surprised?). But, we had sweet seats on the club level of Reliant. That made things even more enjoyable. There was a bar directly outside the door. But I believe Bear and Coach G repeatedly went to this one bar where they found "the cheap beer". You know, as far as cheap goes at these things anyway.

Sunday we went shopping at the new outlet mall. We wanted to take advantage of tax free weekend and it was nice to shop without as much guilt as usual. The only thing was that I am still refusing to go up a size in clothing so I didn't walk away with too much. Bear racked up though which is good.

Work this week has been so so. Not alot going on which is both good and bad. If someone is not chasing me with a deadline, then not too much gets done. Bear has been adjusting to his new jobs and gives me either an upbeat report at the end of the day OR he has the "oh holy hell what have I done" speech waiting for me. The vibe can also vary between these 2 all in one day. I keep telling him to wait until Monday and he actually meets the kids and then tell me how he feels. On this one I don't know though... it might be an interesting year to say the least. WHO knows where he will end up next year if he doesn't like it.

So this weekend we will be out at the Fish Fry. I was more excited about it last week than I am now. Hopefully it is not too terribly awfully hot.

And I have no way to cleverly end this so BYE!

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