March 12, 2009

Could I be any more stupiderrrrr?

Seriously, I am so done today. I have really not had the best week and I can't WAIT FOR A WHOLE MINDLESS WEEK OFF. Spring Break needs to hurry the hell up.

First, earlier this week, I think Tuesday, I was just in SUCH a horrible mood. I just could not be pleased, plus everything I did seemed to be wrong or take an eternity and everyone just SUCKED. Not anyone who reads this blog, but every single other person DID.

Yesterday I was determined that things would be better. But I still found myself spiralling down the path to rage several times and had to bring myself back. It ended up OK, but probably because I spent most of the day ignoring things or just generally being a slacker. I must use some sort of defense mechanism right? And that mechanism is AVOIDANCE.

So today didn't start off too bad, the morning flew by. But this afternoon apparently all brain cells left my body or maybe they are on an earlier than scheduled spring break themselves! I was working on a proposal and could NOT COUNT TO freaking TWENTY! It was supposed to be 20 pages, easy right? Well not for ME. The poor guy I was working with must think I am absolutely NUTSO. First I asked for 16 pages of text. Wait that doesn't work. Then I asked for 14 pages. No problem he says only takes a few second. Then I was OH WAIT I need 13! For the love of GAWDDDDD. Then oh wait something else is wrong.

Luckily, he has a sense of humor and I could do nothing else but laugh at myself. But oh my goodness. I give new meaning to stupid. And apparently fit right in with all the Aggie jokes. How many Aggie proposal administrators does it take to count to page 20!? Well just one, but after many many tries. I did tell him that luckily next week I am on vacation and hopefully, cross our fingers, when I come back I will be able to count again. But no promises.

So then I turn it all in for a final check and turns out I also did the budget wrong. EPIC FAIL. So now I just had the pleasure of contacting the poor guy again to tell him another stupid thing I did.

As I told him, vacation can NOT come soon enough!

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  1. I'm a huge fan of avoidance. Huge. Have a great vacation.


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