July 3, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009 - Day 1

Well Day 1 for BRIDGET anyway. Bear is on like day 30 or something, he has practically lost count of what day it is all together. But lets not dwell on that.

3 days until our cruise! Woo!

So we really started vacation on both Wednesday evening AND then also last night. Wednesday we met Shelly and her crew at Ozona for drinks for her birthday. She is 29 in case you didn't know. And we had a great time there listening to funny stories and started to get wound up.

We went home but then Bear decided we should call people and go to Murphy's Law. So we called his teacher friends and my sister and met up there for beers. It was fun, Bear of course was having an awesome time knowing that he did not have to go to work the next day. I was having fun until I realized it was midnight, I had already drank too much, Bears volume level was on high, AND I had to go to work the next day and be functional. So I was pretty much ready to go at that exact second, so home we went. And Thursday I went to work. I tried to get breakfast at McDonald's but their stupid CC machine was not working. And well, everyone knows I don't carry cash. Most days I would have been pretty mad since I had already waited in line, but I was tired and it really kinda mellowed me out for the whole day actually. I did my work and was outta there by 4:30. And vacation officially started.

To start it off, I fell asleep on the couch until 9:30.

Then I got up and we decided we should go out somewhere again. We had said we were going to go to Harry's but we didn't leave the house until 11 pretty much so we just went to the Fox. Amanda and Ross met us there and it was a nice time until us old people got tired and went home.

So today I did a few things... went to Walmart, tanned. Then just now I fixed the most amazing dinner ever. I am awesome. Yes I am. Chicken fried back strap with gravy, cheesy garlic mashed potatoes, corn on the cob AND.... AND.... wait for it.... a fresh peach cinnamon crisp. Also sweet tea. You are welcome husband!!

And now the best part - Bear is doing the dishes. You are welcome Bridget. ;-)

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