June 17, 2009

I have a love/hate relationship with summer

Well this might get long... but I love and hate the summer time all at the same time.

In the HATE category we have:
  1. I hate that I have to work while my husband does things like this:

  2. I hate having to wear a swim suit.

  3. I hate that I don't tan easily.

  4. I hate that there are a million things I want to do but it is all so expensive.

  5. I hate that gas prices go up.

  6. I hate that I can't concentrate at work because I just don't want to be there!!! Anywhere but there!!

  7. I hate it when it is THIS hot in June and knowing how bad August will be.

  8. I hate watering my yard and the A/C bill.

  9. I hate shaving my legs all the time so I can wear shorts.

And in the love category:

  1. I love that I get to go on vacation.

  2. I love the taste of a cold beer on a hot day.

  3. I love when it finally rains.

  4. I love the beach if I get to go.

  5. I love veggies from the garden.

  6. I love summery dresses and wearing capris to work.

  7. I love summery shoes and flip flops.

  8. I love that it is so hot it is usually always acceptable to wear my hair in a pony tail.

  9. I love floating the river.

  10. I love eating fried squash.

  11. I love eating my grandpas dill pickles.

  12. I love our yard when the grass is just cut (that is if we can manage to keep it from dying).

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