February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone is having a good Valentine's Day. Mine is going OK, got up and went to church WITHOUT my valentine which didn't make me too happy... but ya know I guess that is how it goes. At least I went and it is the third time in a row. Sadly a record for how it has been going lately.

Not much new to report. We haven't been up to much on the weekends which has been sooooooo nice. I love it. So please no one need us to do anything for a little while longer.

One thing I do need to do is finally decide on a paint color for the bathroom. It has long been driving my husband crazy that I put putty in the nail holes and never painted it. Now it is currently driving him crazy that I put test paint colors on the wall but haven't just chosen a color and bought the paint. Sadly, I spent $10 on sample paints, which are HUGE at Sherwin Williams FYI, and I still don't really like either color. But I don't want to spend any more $$$ on the samples either! I mean what am I going to do with what is currently left already? Sigh. Maybe next weekend I will decide.

Here is the current state of affairs.... note the new light fixture, I did finally put 2 new light bulbs in it. The colors are hard see in the pictures but I think we will go with the one on the right. I don't know. It is too dark for me but the one of the left is too bright baby blue. GAH. SEE THE PROBLEM!? It's just that the tile in there is brown, and I don't want it to turn out looking country brown and blue you know? I plan to put beachy stuff in there like some black frames with white matts with B&W beach pictures. I am hoping to use some of our own pictures and then I also have some cool star fish we found at the beach when we went on our trip over Christmas (except currently trying to get them to not smell so bad!). Then white rugs and shower curtains. And also a conch from our Bahama trip. I just hope it ends up tasteful and not 1980's beach condo. We will see.


  1. if you are having trouble finding the right paint color, why don't you wait until you have some decor elements ready for the bathroom?

    You could pull color ideas from them (pictures, shower curtain, etc) and then have the paint store match the color.


  2. I think as long as you avoid anything that may seem to be that awful wedgewood blue color, you should be fine. THAT is what screams "country" to me....

  3. So what did you finally decide to do?


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