February 1, 2010

Hello Blog.

It has been a while. In fact I never finished my Summer Vacation days 3-9. I will post them next... it has been all saved and everything!

Well I figure this blog is the best way to communicate with RF friends overall. At least when I post something you will not have already heard the story at work ;-) And this will be a place you can leave me messages and tell me things or yell at me for leaving or just whatever you feel like I suppose. Please share this blog with whoever you think wants to see it. AND become a follower! Purrrty please!! And leave comments!! No lurking.

I really do feel like I am just on vacation. And I don't think it will all be real for a while, this change that I have made. I really appreciate and love everyone I have worked with at the RF and hope that you know that. I am not good at saying or showing that stuff though so I hope you were not offended on my last day. Just ask my husband how well I do this! NOT well at all!

Next up, Bahama's pictures. Because I really wish it was warm again! Tired of the cold!!

OOPS Bahama's pics are in September 2009.. that is how long ago I saved them and then didn't publish!


  1. I don't believe it--you wrote on your blog!! We do miss you here, but I know they are getting a great employee. Good luck.

  2. You ARE still on vacation as far as I'm concerned.

    DENIAL. It ain't just a river in Egypt.


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