October 28, 2011

Hello? (echo echo echo)

Hi there.  It's totally almost November 2011 and I haven't posted not one exciting thing since a very long time ago in 2010.  And we have actually done some exciting things mixed in with the boring things, LOL!  So I guess its time for some rewind posts :-)  They seem to be a reoccurring theme around here.

I am also hoping the blog is going to become more active (in real time instead of rewind) because of some big changes in our lives.   I think everyone knows by now, but in case you didn't, we are expecting a baby in April 2012.  I have hesitated to write it down here because I am still unreasonably paranoid about everything pregnancy.  But I know that I need to get over it, and maybe writing and sharing will help.

So now, finally, this can become a family blog which makes me very excited and happy. 

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