November 19, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Well, my plans to put up a bunch of rewind posts a few weekends ago were foiled.  My sweet Mema passed away and we had to rush back home.  It was expected, but unexpected.  I know she is peaceful now.  She hated the nursing home so at least she doesn't have to be there anymore.  She hadn't been herself for quite some time and that is what I think was the most sad to realize.  My cousin put together a very nice picture slide show and wrote a wonderful obituary that captured a lot of things I had forgotten about.  Of everything my Mema couldn't remember, she did remember I was going to have a baby.  Which makes me very happy.  And I know she is in heaven watching out for our baby and us from above.  Old age can be both good and bad.  I hope that if I am lucky enough to live a long life, that I will age gracefully and remember to always laugh, even when it doesn't seem funny.  Love her and will miss her dearly. 

After all of that settled, work has been super busy with one crazy thing after the next.  This past week I was in Phoenix at a project meeting, but spent most of the time in my hotel room working on a last minute proposal.  Traveling for work can be fun, but trying to work on a proposal and being pregnant PLUS traveling.... maybe not so much.  I was exhausted.  And so swollen everyday!  Then on the way home we were going Phoenix to Dallas to College Station.  Well when we go to Dallas our flight was cancelled!  And the next one fully booked and the next not until 8am Saturday.  Note to self, do not fly American out of College Station.  Most especially on a Friday of game day weekend.  We ended up renting a car and driving home with two researchers, one of which had his 2 year old daughter with him.  It was a very interesting experience, but I was sooooo glad to be home!

I could not be more ready for Thanksgiving and a short work week!  And we get to find out the gender this week, YAY!  All I have standing between me and that excitement is 3 proposals due Tuesday.

Here is picture, 19 weeks today.  I have discovered I am absolutely no good at taking pictures of myself and also the lighting is not so good in the guest bath.  (Which by the way,  I did finally finish redoing that bathroom minus hardware, but probably hard to tell the color by this bad picture). 

And also, I am going to be huge by the end of this.


  1. Cute! And whatever - no way will you be as big as I was. :-)

  2. Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you two. And you look adorable!


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