January 22, 2012

Christmas Break at the Beach 2011

This year we went to Port A again, with my parents and sister, for 5 days and 4 nights of relaxation.  Also, cousin K and her family came along.  The first day was great weather with sunny skies, but the next days were foggy with only a little clear sunshine at the end of the day for a little bit.

Overall it was very relaxing.  My mom spent time building sandcastles with the kids.  Bear read and actually did not play xbox - only because he couldn't get it to work!  I read and laid around, ate too much.  Walked on the beach, looked for shells.  I in general did not sleep well, imagine that, and so was a little slow and cranky from that.Amanda and Ross were also pretty low key, but did take a few trips to the hot tub.  I don't remember what Dad did... he cooked for us and cleaned up after us.  And he read a book and napped.  And he took Mom and I to Big Shell beach in Padre National Seashore.  Oh and Bear and I looked at some new beach houses - only $799,990 for a new 3 bedroom 3 bath!

We spent New Years Eve there as well.  We went out to a nice dinner of seafood.  The weather had cleared so I was getting all dolled up so that I could get my bump picture take at the beach.  I was so excited and my hair looked great.  And I get done and it was all FOGGY again!  I was sooo disappointed.  And ended up not getting a 25 week bump picture at all.  I am still sad about it if you can't tell.  Then we all waited for it to get to be midnight.  We did a toast and everyone, except me of course, including DAD, had champagne.  And I had more sparkling cider YAY.  But it was very nice that my hubby thought of me.   And that he thought to get the champagne for everyone else.  It was a little different than our last New Years - on a cruise ship!  And just think how different next year will be!!!!  :-)

A few pictures to remember the occasion.

It's alive!

Some big fishing rig we saw while trying to get to Big Shell Beach.

The lovely weather.  It actually was worse than this most of the time.

HAPPY 2012!  We are very excited about this year.  Our lives will certainly be changing.

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