January 22, 2012

State of the Pregnancy

I really wish I had been writing more here just to remember exactly what has happened with this pregnancy.  So many things I think I will remember vividly forever, disappear so fast!  I guess that is all part of life.  Last night while going to sleep I had this FEAR come up that Bear would forget or not take pictures when she is born.  Because he would be so excited and get caught up in it, which is totally understandable, but then the memory would be gone and that would make me sad.  Or we would end up with all blurry pictures because he shakes so much!  I was wracking my brain to think of who could take them - the nurse, the doctor, family member?  I mean these are some of the crazy stupid things that keep me up at night.  But admittedly they are pretty funny.  Or they will be one day.

So this post is just a general recap of things so that I can remember later, so it might be pretty boring.  Not that any of my posts are riveting! And admittedly, it is going to include some complaining.  Sorry.  But it's all part of it, right? I couldn't be more HAPPY to be pregnant.  I love it.  But lately, there are certainly some uncomfortable developments that I am sure will only get more glorious in the next 12 weeks.  And every single one will be worth it.

First, more bump pictures to get us all the way up to date on those.

24 weeks

26 weeks

26 weeks from front

28 weeks
Within 4 weeks, the belly is now well passed the boobs.  LOL!

So what's been going on?
  1. First, and very thankfully, so many people have been SO GENEROUS.  Baby Girl already has so many nice things handed down or bought just for her.  Can't be thankful enough for wonderful friends and family.  And of course I am guilty for buying clothes when I shouldn't.  But OMG they are too adorable, and for the most part so much on SALE, that I just can't pass them up.
  2. Sleep - Sometimes good, but most of the times never sleep like I used to.  Never really get in a deep sleep and most of the time this is OK.  I don't feel really tired unless I get absolutely NO sleep.  In early December, started with some hip pain on my right side only that would wake me up early.  That has continued and is on both sides now.  I am sure it will continue to get worse the heavier I get and the bigger she gets.  Oh well, gets me out of bed!
  3. Also in early December, and progressing to now, my hands fall asleep.  This is pregnancy induce carpel tunnel I am told due to swelling.  So at night I wear a brace on my right hand, but even still it falls asleep.  And I don't mean in away that is comes back to life by wiggling it around.  I mean it is prolonged numbness.  And most of the time during the day, my right finger tips remain numb.  It's a strange feeling!  A little annoying, but manageable.
  4. December 23 - Bear felt first big kick!  But I wish he could feel them more.  She usually stops once I get him to come over.  And I think he really wants to feel it too.  I am sure he still has plenty of chances.  I LOVE the baby kicks.  I love when I know she is there and doing whatever it is she does in there.  Only lately has she really started dancing on my bladder - which is a really new strange sensation.
  5. December 24 - pretty sure she woke me up with hiccups.  But I haven't felt them since.  So either she was in the perfect position for me to feel her, or that wasn't really the hiccups, haha!  She had those and was moving all around about 5am. Even now she is usually starting to be active about 4:30 to 5am.  I joke that she is Carla and that's just the time she gets up for the day.  Pretty sure getting up so early on Christmas Eve, plus no good nap that day, going to bed realllyy late, all contributed to my Christmas Morning Meltdown.  Or that's what makes me feel better about it anyway.
  6. January 4, failed 1 hour glucose test at 170.  They wanted less than 140.  Gah.  January 10, failed the 3 hours glucose test so yep, have gestational diabetes. (1 hour 201/190, 2 hours 174/165, 3 hours 135/145). I was upset at first and needed a day for some tears and to be mad that I couldn't eat what I want.  Bear does not like tears.  Which fine, but let someone tell HIM he has diabetes and can't eat what he wants and lets see how he reacts.  But I just needed ONE day and by the next I was fine and ready to deal with it.  I watch my diet according to an eating plan that limits the amount of carbs you eat at one time and check my sugar 4 times a day.  The finger pricks are not terrible, and so far with diet (after testing a few foods of course - hamburger, chips and salsa, fried okra) my levels seem to be looking good.  I just hope it stays that way.  Some days I am resentful of what I see Bear eat, but for the most part it is OK.  I probably should be on a diet like this in general anyway.  The only thing is that I crave sweets.  I would love a big piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing right now.  OR a sugar cookie.  Or a cinnamon roll.  You get the picture.  And I CAN have that stuff if I plan and only in a small amount.  Meals and snacks just take a little more planning than before.  And I just pray that things stay looking good and don't get worse in the next 12 weeks.  If things are looking OK the doc will let me check sugars less often.
  7. In the last week, I have started to have to go pee a LOT more often.  And I will feel like I HAVE to go and then barely anything will come out.  It's pretty funny to me actually.  Not too annoying, YET.  Sorry if that is TMI.
  8. Yesterday, January 21.  For some time if I lay on my left side my rib cage at the bottom, sorta slightly to the left from the middle, it would hurt.  I thought it was just my weight and not sure what it is actually.  Well this weekend my allergies seem to really be bothering me so I have been sneezing.  Yesterday morning I sneezed and thought I had cracked my chest open.  I hurt SO BAD.  Then this morning when I sneezed it hurt SO BAD again.  I have been trying to be careful, but it feels like I have some sort of fracture there.  That is how bad it hurts.  It feels bruised if I touch it.  Not sure at all what it actually is.  But whatever it is - it does not feel good.
And that is the current state of this pregnancy starting the 3rd trimester.  

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