March 1, 2012

Beyond Blessed

February 18th I had my first shower.  It was just beautiful and given by my high school girlfriends.  And their Moms were invited plus a few guy friend Moms that we were all close with.  It was so wonderful to see everyone!!!  On top of that, they totally spoiled me and baby girl with so many amazing gifts.  I was overwhelmed by how generous they were.  And it was just a fun time - long awaited - and I had worried before hand that I would get all emotional.  But I didn't - it was just fun and happy!

That weekend we were also prepping for the house to be painted and carpet done.  So Bear had been working on that while I was away at the shower.  I came home and he had moved most of the 2 extra rooms into the garage, and was cleaning out the kitchen and the living room.  My pregnant brain was completely overwhelmed by the major mess everywhere!  I was happy he was doing it - it had to happen - but I thought my nesting pregnant brain may explode at the sight of it all.  PLUS, I had a car full of gifts to unload.  I tried not to freak out.  And I did hold it together, but barely.  I decided to put all the shower gifts in my closet - thank goodness we do have quite a bit of storage space in our house! Then I proceeded to clean out baby girls closet and the guest closet into various places in the house.  I managed to fit it all in the hall closet and coat closet by the front door for the most part.

Then February 23rd, my coworkers hosted a shower for me.  It was also completely amazing - above and beyond anything I could imagine!  Plus, my old RF friends came over too.  They gave me even more wonderful baby items - so cute! - and even had diet punch for my GD.  It was a lot of fun!  And when I got home those gifts had to go in the kitchen - I just wasn't OK with putting them in the garage at that point.

Then on February 25th my sister and cousins had put together a family and friends shower in Lexington.  It was once again amazing!  My sister did a fabulous job of getting it together.  Aunt Amanda :-) She did the cake and made a very cute bouquet out of socks and wash cloths!  And everyone there once again spoiled, spoiled, spoiled us all with amazing things for baby girl.  My cousin gave me TWO amazing gift baskets packed full of everything little girl.  My favorite - the cutest little flip flops ever.  So cute.  And everyone else gave amazing things too of course. (I haven't gotten the pictures yet or I would share)

And my final shower was on March 3 in Dime Box.  It was just as wonderful and amazing as all the others.  They gave us our stroller and we had fancy drinks with real stemware and we ate on real plates!  It was just really nice - and once again everyone went above and beyond to shower us and our little girl with so much love and so many cute CUTE baby things.  There were also fabulous favors - decorated sugar cookies.  And yes, I did eat some.  And no, I won't tell you what my blood sugar was after :-)

I have been truly overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.  I don't even know how to accurately describe how it feels.  We are very thankful.  And this baby is truly loved :-)

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