October 1, 2008

Goodbye September 2008

Well... what can I say. I haven't felt like blogging lately. September kinda got away from me and I only ended up with one WHOLE post. Woweee.

Let's get a recap (if I can remember everything):

  • First Weekend: Aggie Football started. Dee and Jason, and Maegan and Jett came to stay with us. I went to my friend Sarah's Couples Shower, without my couple of course. I saw old friends Mandi and Ashlie. I had a good time and then went back to the house to play Wii with my guests. FUN!
  • Second Weekend: Then Hurricane Ike made his appearance. We didn't get any evacuees this time, D and J stayed in H-town. For some reason I was quite glued to the television during the 'cane and then we did discover that at our house we are really blocked from at least 30-40 mph wind by the trees in the back yard. And luckily, the dead tree in the back did NOT fall on the house. Score.
  • Third Weekend: This is where it gets interesting. Bear went to NYC for the second to last Yankee's game at Yankee Stadium before it is torn down. I went to S's ring dunk Friday and night and we tried to go to NG but it was WAaayyyyyYYYY too crowded so I went home. Saturday I shopped with mom before she took me to DB for a baby shower for W and S. After the shower MIL was nice enough to let me take her car to Fedor. BUT, as luck would have it, I hit a deer (BIG buck with at least 8 points) with her car. Car needs repair, I am OK, but I naturally feel horrible. Sunday after church we went to Mema's to lunch. Then I had to head back to DB for a surprise bday party for Aunt A. (Yes I had to go to all this family stuff without MY HUSBAND. This never would happen had I been out of town and my family was having 2 things, but typical I suppose.) Husband calls just before the party starts to tell me he booked the wrong return flight and now has to find another way home. So needless to say, it was the most expensive weekend we have had in a long time.
  • Last week and weekend: I went to Disney World in Florida with mom, KM and her kids K&K. It was a blast! I had the best time riding all the rides with big girl K. She is fearless and so it made it so fun!!! I even got KM and mom to ride some big rides too. I think mom forgave me but I don't know about KM. Saturday though, Bear called with bad thing #3 (please God let it be over now) that his laptop and gym bag was stolen out of his truck. So that was just great. Sunday after we came home, I crashed and I think it took me 2 days to fully recover from the trip. I was exhausted!

I don't have all the pictures that KM took, which are better than mine. But I do have these cute pictures of K&K getting their faces painted. TOO CUTE!

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