October 28, 2008

Finally Fall is in the Air

I don't know about anyone else, but I love this fall weather. Finally. Now it makes me want to put up fall decorations at the house, but now it is really too late. Maybe next year.

So things have been only semi-busy. We attended another wedding this past weekend. That should be the last for quite sometime. I don't think either of us have any other friends to marry off at the moment. So no more tuxes or bridesmaid dresses until one of our siblings ties the knot. Assuming we would be in those that is... Unfortunately, I don't have not even one picture form the wedding because I made the mistake of giving the camera to my husband to take pictures of them playing golf. He came back with zero pictures, my fault of course because the memory card had Disney pictures on it, and then he wouldn't get it out of the truck at the reception. Apparently, I need to teach him how to delete the memory card. GEEZ.

Also, the middle school football season is drawing to a close. My husband could NOT be happier. He says he is NEVER doing middle school football again. I am writing this down here to get witnesses and so that we can look back at say I told you so next year. Hee!

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