October 12, 2008

So far so good...

October is going by fast but there is also still alot left. Seems like a long month.

Last weekend I went to Fedor to spend the weekend with my mom for her birthday. Bear went to a bachelor party and we rounded out the weekend with a couples shower. We had a pretty good time for mom's birthday making Mexican martini's (wish I had one NOW) and then making fajitas. The couples shower was ok. It was a who's who of G-town and I was over it within an hour. I hate meeting people that think YOU should know who they ARE without introduction. I could care less who you are or what you do, you stuck up snobs. But whatever. I am glad to do a shower for Z&E but I think in some respects we got ripped off. I added up that we ended up spending $55 for our part. There were 15 couples. That's right, I said fifteen. We should have been able to give a shower for less than $20 per couple. But again, although this is very whiny, I was glad to do it for Z&E, we just could have done it much more economically in my book. I mean we ate hamburgers! Anyway... better move on.

This weekend mom and dad came over and dad and Bear cut down the dead tree in our back yard. It is nice to get it all taken care of. The neighbors might mind though that we have it all stacked out in front on the street and trash pick up for yard waste is not under Friday. BUT they do it too. Today we went to church and then we went to breakfast. Just been chilling since then piddling on the Internet. Such fun... no I found Hope Floats on TV. I really love that movie!

I found something cool on If you have a hard time finding new recipes to make for dinner and you want a grocery list that will make 5 things without off the wall ingredients then try these:,28548,1844985,00.html

I made the Shrimp Salad and the Chicken with asparagus recipe. The salad was good once we got it all together. The chicken recipe was great! Except I ended up putting sugar snap peas in instead of asparagus because after the asparagus was in the fridge for ONE day it was already bad. I was not happy about that. But the chicken and the sauce are excellent!! Next up is the pasta salad.

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