April 24, 2009

REWIND: Christmas Vacation

And no, not the Che.vy Chris.tmas Va.cation. Although, hmmm, if I think about it there might be some similarities. AhehheHA.

This past Christmas break my parents were nice enough to take us on a trip to the beach in Por.t I know a lot of people are like why do you go in the winter? Well it is a good get away and while you can't get in the water, you can still walk on the beach. Or sleep. Or eat. Or play xbox if you are Bear. Or read a book if you are mom. Or drink Mexican martini's if you are ME.

We did several things, although I don't have pictures of some of them.
  • On the way there, Bear and I stopped at Goliad to look around the church and mission. I wish it had not been cloudy because the pictures would have been better...
  • Bear got to ring the bell in the church.
  • Dad rested. He took naps and ate.
  • Amanda and Bear played golf. I drove the golf cart. It was COLD and windy. And they ended with the moon up.
  • Bear played xbox. alot.
  • I walked on the beach, drank yummy drinks, cooked and oddly cleaned the kitchen.
  • I also watched TV, played on the laptop and tried to read a book.
  • Mom read a whole book, played with K&K when they happened down at a neighboring hotel at the same time we were there.
  • Mom, Amanda and I took a boat ride over to St. Joseph Island to look for seashells. We found trash mainly and not to many good sea shells. We each found a whole sand dollar. It took me like 2 hours and alot of complaining before I FINALLY found one.
  • We went out to eat once at Castaways. It was OK. I would say skip it if you have a choice.
  • Bear, Amanda and I went looking for some bars. So we went to the new Port A Brewing company. It seemed they were out of every beer I ordered. NICE. Then we went to Sharkey's. Classy.
  • We visited the USS Lex.ington in Corpus Christi. I enjoyed it, but I think everyone else probably enjoyed is MORE. I like going to that kind of stuff and looking, but I get bored pretty quickly. We also watched an iMAX movie... now I can't even remember what it was about :-) but I bet everyone else could tell you. I was over it by that time.
  • We did have a good time and Bear says he is ready to go back.

I was really into some of the architecture/doors/walls, etc. So I took alot of pictures that probably no one else cares about. But I have had fun with them. What do you think?

And what do you think this skull and crossbones on the back of the church over a door could possibly mean? any catholics out there than can explain this?

Ok, BLOGGGEERRRR. You suck at letting me upload pictures in any goodlooking format. So I shall start a new post for pictures. LESSON. UPLOAD PICS FIRST. Then start typing. ugh...

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  1. I like the architecture pictures! And am puzzled and intrigued by the skull and crossbones. Cool!


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