April 24, 2009

Una mas cerveza por favor senorita!

Sernorrrrieeeeeetttaaa! That is the song playing right now. (country, so not everyone may be familiar... but eh) And how appropriate since I spent a major part of my evening looking for an all inclusive beach vacation. Hee, we can all dream can't we?*

The hubby is out of the house and it's just me for the weekend. Wow, I am so excited with all the things I want to do. And I was feeling sleepy (I guess after this long work week!) and I even made coffee so I could stay up and do all the things I have wished I was at home doing all week. So with that said, this is a caffeine induced post, so fair warning right now to watch out. Keep reading at your own risk. But I need to do a lot of updating so here goes... I think I might break it up into a few posts now that I think about it....

First, I opened this blog to the public so you no longer have to be invited to read it. What can I say, I was shy at first. But what the hey, whoever wants to read can read. What I talk about is really not too informative or interesting for the most part. But it is fun for me and that is what it is all about. So if you know someone that knows me and might be interested, feel free to invite them to read. I would like to get more comments, but then wouldn't we all I guess.

Second, I am having a garage sale next weekend with nonsoccermom. And I finally went through some clothes earlier this evening. The sad part is that some are so ragged that they will not even make it to the garage sale. I have a a throw away pile and then "I suppose it is good enough for goodwill" pile. So sad! I am scared I will not actually have enough for the sale, but nonsoccermom assures me she has alot. I hope so!

Third, I have some pictures to post. I was going through all previous posts before I opened this up to everyone and realized I never posted pictures from our Christmas break beach trip. So I will do that in a separate post.

* Bear is going to teach summer school. I KNOW what you are thinking! WHY WOULD HE DO THAT. HE HATES IT and needs a break. That is what I said too until he said we can use that $$ for vacation!! happy, happy dance :-) However, by the time we go I must be more photogenic (ie less fat). But I say that all the time... I just hope this is the time I really do something about it. -sigh-

I know I am random and totally hopped up on caffeine so this is more than a little spastic.

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