June 2, 2009

hard core vacation preparation

My feet hurt! I have blisters! It's hot! and I just don't know if I am hard core enough for this working out stuff. I once was very good at it way back in high school. But not so much anymore. My feet really hurt, I need new shoes apparently, and no pedicure is going to even look good if I have blisters all over.

So how do I keep working out!? I have made it 4 weeks working out and eating better. Of course it was not every one of those days but it has been at least 3 to 4 times per week. And they say you need to do something for 30 days for it to be a habit right? Sadly I have only lost 5 lbs or so (I think). I guess I should be happy with that... and that was even weighing at night and not first thing in the morning.

And because I am stupid I just called today to make a hair appointment and now I can't get in until June 30. UGH! and I didn't have a choice on the time so I have to take time off work now. So I guess it should look nice though.

Plus I started tanning. But the girl gave me an extra minute or something and now I kinda burned. I am in one of the higher level stand up beds so that one minute was enough to do it. Thanks girl, I am know I am white! But the white will only be RED unless I take it easy and gradually go for longer. GEEZ. So I had to skip today. Ah well, forgot my tanning lotion anyhow.

And I think this weekend calls for shopping. I still need a dress. I found a few on but I would really rather be able to try it on and of course the cheaper the better! If you know any good online places other than that, let me know, just in case I don't find something.

I am more hard core about getting ready to GO on a vacation than anything else. I think I am spending more money just to get ready than I may spend the whole time we are away! I hope it is all worth it in the end. I just pray there is at least ONE picture that I don't want to (burn or delete I guess in this case). It is all things I neglect to do on a regular basis anyway so I am going to justify it that way.

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