May 27, 2009

My Boyfriend George

I just watched the tribute to George Strait. And it really doesn't matter what age I get to, or what new song he comes out with, I love him. And I love his songs. I am more than happy to let him stand there and sing them without anything else.

Maybe it is being from a small town? Because who from a small town doesn't love him?

It brings back so many good memories that start early. Singing on the way to the beach in the summer, singing on the bus in elementary on field trips, our first boy/girl dance at R&K Cafe (yep), on the way to and from volleyball and softball games (right along with Baby's Got Back), in the car with girlfriends riding around town, dancing at the Ballroom in G-town, going out to Harry's in college, partying in Dime Box, our wedding, road trips, floating trips on the Frio.

And I saw him in concert in Austin once. He was tiny but I could still see that cute bootie. Just tons of good times. I die inside each time my coworker that I car pool with changes the song when GEORGE is playing. The other day he did it 3 times!! I understand country music is not everyone's cup of tea but I don't care. George is the King. Now I also love Texas Country and when I hear it I want to grab a beer and find the nearest dancehall. But George makes me want to scoot a boot and sing out loud at the top of my lungs.

And he is one of those guys that just keeps getting better. If you know what I mean. Can I get a hell yeah?


  1. As you know, country is not really my thing (I far prefer metal and electronica) but I do have to agree that George has some good stuff. Guess it's good I approve since he'll be in the family before too long. :)


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