May 26, 2009

lazy L A Z Y

GAH the motivation today is the lowest of all time I think. Well maybe not of ALL time but pretty darn close after a 3 day weekend.

Saturday I went to help Dee paint her bedroom. Had fun with her and her friends Rachel and Sima. And I was home by noon on Sunday. I did not do much the rest of the day and the hubs took me out to TGI Friday's for a $5 salad that evening. Nice deal, they also have $5 sandwiches, not sure when it ends. Yesterday we cleaned the house and that is about all. I was happy I didn't sleep too late and that we got alot done PLUS relaxed some. I tried to watch the movie Ru.nnin.g with Sc.issor.s. I am either really stupid or this movie really does suck. I turned it off - way too wierd for me.

So nothing too exciting going on. I just want to do anything but actually work today. All I can concentrate on is our upcoming vacation. I hope I can make it that long!!!!! 41 days and counting.

Random things I am thinking about/doing rather than doing what I need to be doing:

  • Online review of cruise ship: not stellar, kinda scared now
  • Online review of previous ship we have been on: food great, now more scared of our new ship
  • STOP STOP STOP freaking out about reviews, mostly cranky old people write them.
  • You are not cranky and old. You will have fun.
  • Bear will eat anything so no need to worry about food quality. HEHE
  • You forgot to take the wine that Dee gave you out of your car.
  • It has been in the heat for 2 days.
  • Hope the cork stays in.
  • I will probably drink it no matter what. (as long as it is not on the floor board of my car)
  • I really want a piece of chocolate. (K gave me toffee, YAY!)
  • Matt invited us to the lake.
  • DO want to ride on new boat.
  • Need to run, run, run, run.
  • Did walk 3 miles last night with hubs. That was nice.
  • Need a tan. BAD.
  • Have lots of moles and scared of tanning. Will get cancer.
  • Too bad, must have tan.
  • HUNGRY for something really good and yummy.
  • Don't want to feel guilty for eating something yummy.
  • Want Ninfa's tonight.
  • Want margarita with salt*.
  • Need to run, run, run, run.
  • Already have leftovers and hubby has softball practice.
  • Hubby's teacher softball team is going to suck. Might be entertaining to watch for once.
  • OOMMMGGGG it is only 4:06. Torture.
  • Will have wine instead of margarita.
  • With my leftover turkey natchos.
  • Turkey tacos were great last night!!
  • Do not buy all white ground turkey, the mixed was way better.
  • I did accomplish at least 4 make that 5 things at work today despite my lazyness. I feel proud.
  • Need a haircut and highlight.
  • My eye is still twitching. When will it stop?

Review of fast food salads in light of diet for CRUISE CRUISE CRUISE:

  • I had Schlotszky's today and my half a BLT was burnt. And my salad was a little old. Don't really recommend the small garden salad because of that. HOWEVER, after I ordered I saw that their larger salads are only $3.99. And they looked fresh. Next time I guess.
  • I also don't recommend the Whatabu.rger salads. Crispy chicken is yummy, old lettuce not so much.
  • Yes, I know, Whataburger is not known for salads and crispy chicken is not so healthy. But I am trying. I haven't had a hamburger in 3 weeks. And I only broke down and had fries ONE time and that was at McD's and they were small. I feel like I have turned over a new leaf (hehe).
  • I DO however recommend the Subway $5 salad with black forest ham. Yummy and filling.
  • I DO also recommend the Chick-fil-a salads. They are 6.99 but have broccoli and fresh tomatoes on it. Of course I go with the crispy chicken on it instead of grilled. I have to have SOME satisfaction. Plus, as K says, Chick-fil-a is practically all health food. (YES IT SO IS).
  • TGI Fridays pecan crusted chicken salad. VERY yummy. But from what I find online, packed with lots and lots of calories. No wonder if was so good. I find anywhere from 750 to 1,360 in calories. I only ate half so I won't feel too bad, but probably could pick something much better.
  • Cheddar's salad - always always always good.
  • Only 4:35. For the love.
  • Forgot that the Wings N More grilled chicken ceasar is wonderful. LOVE. And probably was high in calories too, but come on. All that green stuff. Has to be at least a little bit good for you.
  • 4:41. Sigh.

** Can you believe that the last 2 margaritas I have had, I cut the SALT? I know. I am a crazy wild freak.


  1. This post made me laugh. FYI McAllister's has a really good Caesar Salad and so does Chili's.

  2. Health food, I'm telling you.

    Margaritas are much better without salt anyway!!


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