May 17, 2009

Mid-May Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun. I find it successful that I went out on the town twice, so to speak, and woke up feeling fine both times. Maybe I am finally learning? Well probably not, but we will add one to the win column for now anyway.

Friday we went over to my BILs GFs house to celebrate her graduation. YAY Cookie!! In her own words, she is a big girl now ;-) Which to me being a big girl is not toooo bad. Yes sometimes I wish I could choose to skip out on work like you can on class, but otherwise big girl status is pretty good in my book. So Bear played washers and I tried to find people to talk to and eventually we ended up over at another graduates house and hooked up with Dee and Jason and went to North Gate. (or them Gates as Bear calls them) We went to the Corner and it was fun and surprisingly cool up on the rooftop bar. Time flies though and we didn't go to bed until 2 which is very late for this big girl.

Saturday we had a slow start, coffee helped all. Then after D&J took us back to our truck, we ended up going to the Longhorn Tavern in Bryan for lunch. Bear has never been there! We used to eat there at least once a week when I worked out at Riverside Campus in college. It hasn't changed much and is still pretty good. I also managed to find something decently healthy on the menu - grilled chicken - and it was excellent. Unfortunately the only thing available as a side is either a baked potato or FF. So that took it down a notch. Oh well. It's not like the beer I drank all weekend was helping the diet status anyhow.

Saturday evening, after watching it rain all afternoon, we headed over to the annual Walker crawfish boil where it was most unfortunately still raining. I LOVE me some crawfish though so we didn't let it stop us. Like I am embarrassed that I really can't stop eating it. And most especially when they have so much of it. I watched Bear and Chris play beer pong and drank from a Dos Equis KEG! I love that stuff and I never even thought to get a keg of it! And I am happy and surprised to know that it does not give me a headache. Good to know.

So then today, Sunday, I slept till noon. Gotta love that!! And not sure what else today has in store. Maybe a movie. And I definitely have to go to the mall and to Kohls. But I think that is about it.

Oh and this it the swimsuit I ordered from VS for our trip.

I am so happy - it fits!!! And is really cute. The bottoms even cover my extra large bootie and that makes a gal ever so happy. I did order medium bottoms though and while they do fit, with the skirt over them it is just a tad too tight (you can see the waist line under the skirt) I am going to exchange them for a large. AND as an added extra extra bonus when I called to get the exchange - the whole suit was even more on SALE!!! So I got an adjustment on all the items. SCORE. Now I just have to do an excessive amount of situps everyday before the trip and we will be good.


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