May 6, 2009


As you can tell I am very excited. ;-)

We booked a vacation to cruise to the Bahamas. !!!!


Ok, and yes, Bear has said that he would not go a cruise again. However, in light of the recent scare for sw.ine fl.u in Mexico we were trying to look for other ideas. Because Mexico was our first choice for something cheap and FUN to do as a trip. We didn't totally rule it out because of the flu... And we have said we would not go there on a cruise again because it is more fun to fly there and lay on the beach the entire time with all the food and drinks you could want.

But sadly, with the flu stuff and then us just waiting too long, we couldn't really find a deal good enough to go there (in our opinion anyway) plus we had this nagging feeling that we wanted to go somewhere we haven't been before. Those thoughts turned into dreams of going to Hawaii instead. The rooms and flights right now are super good deals! But once we started looking at all we would want to do, it just adds up really fast and to way too much. Something for another time.

So then Bear found a cruise out of Miami to Nassau, Bahamas, Cococay (some cruise ship private island) and Key West, Florida. And we looked everywhere high and low to see what kind of deals we could get on that or something similar plus airfare. And finally we settled on it and hit all the buttons ;-) I admit I was little crazed after we hit the button and spent the money. All these things run through my mind - OMG DID WE DO THE RIGHT THING? GAH. Will it be cheaper tomorrow? ect ect ect

Then Bear sent me these pictures today from Google Earth.

Yep. I think we did the right thing. So excited!! I hope I can get some pictures like that too!


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