May 27, 2009

My Boyfriend George

I just watched the tribute to George Strait. And it really doesn't matter what age I get to, or what new song he comes out with, I love him. And I love his songs. I am more than happy to let him stand there and sing them without anything else.

Maybe it is being from a small town? Because who from a small town doesn't love him?

It brings back so many good memories that start early. Singing on the way to the beach in the summer, singing on the bus in elementary on field trips, our first boy/girl dance at R&K Cafe (yep), on the way to and from volleyball and softball games (right along with Baby's Got Back), in the car with girlfriends riding around town, dancing at the Ballroom in G-town, going out to Harry's in college, partying in Dime Box, our wedding, road trips, floating trips on the Frio.

And I saw him in concert in Austin once. He was tiny but I could still see that cute bootie. Just tons of good times. I die inside each time my coworker that I car pool with changes the song when GEORGE is playing. The other day he did it 3 times!! I understand country music is not everyone's cup of tea but I don't care. George is the King. Now I also love Texas Country and when I hear it I want to grab a beer and find the nearest dancehall. But George makes me want to scoot a boot and sing out loud at the top of my lungs.

And he is one of those guys that just keeps getting better. If you know what I mean. Can I get a hell yeah?

May 26, 2009

lazy L A Z Y

GAH the motivation today is the lowest of all time I think. Well maybe not of ALL time but pretty darn close after a 3 day weekend.

Saturday I went to help Dee paint her bedroom. Had fun with her and her friends Rachel and Sima. And I was home by noon on Sunday. I did not do much the rest of the day and the hubs took me out to TGI Friday's for a $5 salad that evening. Nice deal, they also have $5 sandwiches, not sure when it ends. Yesterday we cleaned the house and that is about all. I was happy I didn't sleep too late and that we got alot done PLUS relaxed some. I tried to watch the movie Ru.nnin.g with Sc.issor.s. I am either really stupid or this movie really does suck. I turned it off - way too wierd for me.

So nothing too exciting going on. I just want to do anything but actually work today. All I can concentrate on is our upcoming vacation. I hope I can make it that long!!!!! 41 days and counting.

Random things I am thinking about/doing rather than doing what I need to be doing:

  • Online review of cruise ship: not stellar, kinda scared now
  • Online review of previous ship we have been on: food great, now more scared of our new ship
  • STOP STOP STOP freaking out about reviews, mostly cranky old people write them.
  • You are not cranky and old. You will have fun.
  • Bear will eat anything so no need to worry about food quality. HEHE
  • You forgot to take the wine that Dee gave you out of your car.
  • It has been in the heat for 2 days.
  • Hope the cork stays in.
  • I will probably drink it no matter what. (as long as it is not on the floor board of my car)
  • I really want a piece of chocolate. (K gave me toffee, YAY!)
  • Matt invited us to the lake.
  • DO want to ride on new boat.
  • Need to run, run, run, run.
  • Did walk 3 miles last night with hubs. That was nice.
  • Need a tan. BAD.
  • Have lots of moles and scared of tanning. Will get cancer.
  • Too bad, must have tan.
  • HUNGRY for something really good and yummy.
  • Don't want to feel guilty for eating something yummy.
  • Want Ninfa's tonight.
  • Want margarita with salt*.
  • Need to run, run, run, run.
  • Already have leftovers and hubby has softball practice.
  • Hubby's teacher softball team is going to suck. Might be entertaining to watch for once.
  • OOMMMGGGG it is only 4:06. Torture.
  • Will have wine instead of margarita.
  • With my leftover turkey natchos.
  • Turkey tacos were great last night!!
  • Do not buy all white ground turkey, the mixed was way better.
  • I did accomplish at least 4 make that 5 things at work today despite my lazyness. I feel proud.
  • Need a haircut and highlight.
  • My eye is still twitching. When will it stop?

Review of fast food salads in light of diet for CRUISE CRUISE CRUISE:

  • I had Schlotszky's today and my half a BLT was burnt. And my salad was a little old. Don't really recommend the small garden salad because of that. HOWEVER, after I ordered I saw that their larger salads are only $3.99. And they looked fresh. Next time I guess.
  • I also don't recommend the Whatabu.rger salads. Crispy chicken is yummy, old lettuce not so much.
  • Yes, I know, Whataburger is not known for salads and crispy chicken is not so healthy. But I am trying. I haven't had a hamburger in 3 weeks. And I only broke down and had fries ONE time and that was at McD's and they were small. I feel like I have turned over a new leaf (hehe).
  • I DO however recommend the Subway $5 salad with black forest ham. Yummy and filling.
  • I DO also recommend the Chick-fil-a salads. They are 6.99 but have broccoli and fresh tomatoes on it. Of course I go with the crispy chicken on it instead of grilled. I have to have SOME satisfaction. Plus, as K says, Chick-fil-a is practically all health food. (YES IT SO IS).
  • TGI Fridays pecan crusted chicken salad. VERY yummy. But from what I find online, packed with lots and lots of calories. No wonder if was so good. I find anywhere from 750 to 1,360 in calories. I only ate half so I won't feel too bad, but probably could pick something much better.
  • Cheddar's salad - always always always good.
  • Only 4:35. For the love.
  • Forgot that the Wings N More grilled chicken ceasar is wonderful. LOVE. And probably was high in calories too, but come on. All that green stuff. Has to be at least a little bit good for you.
  • 4:41. Sigh.

** Can you believe that the last 2 margaritas I have had, I cut the SALT? I know. I am a crazy wild freak.

May 17, 2009

Mid-May Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun. I find it successful that I went out on the town twice, so to speak, and woke up feeling fine both times. Maybe I am finally learning? Well probably not, but we will add one to the win column for now anyway.

Friday we went over to my BILs GFs house to celebrate her graduation. YAY Cookie!! In her own words, she is a big girl now ;-) Which to me being a big girl is not toooo bad. Yes sometimes I wish I could choose to skip out on work like you can on class, but otherwise big girl status is pretty good in my book. So Bear played washers and I tried to find people to talk to and eventually we ended up over at another graduates house and hooked up with Dee and Jason and went to North Gate. (or them Gates as Bear calls them) We went to the Corner and it was fun and surprisingly cool up on the rooftop bar. Time flies though and we didn't go to bed until 2 which is very late for this big girl.

Saturday we had a slow start, coffee helped all. Then after D&J took us back to our truck, we ended up going to the Longhorn Tavern in Bryan for lunch. Bear has never been there! We used to eat there at least once a week when I worked out at Riverside Campus in college. It hasn't changed much and is still pretty good. I also managed to find something decently healthy on the menu - grilled chicken - and it was excellent. Unfortunately the only thing available as a side is either a baked potato or FF. So that took it down a notch. Oh well. It's not like the beer I drank all weekend was helping the diet status anyhow.

Saturday evening, after watching it rain all afternoon, we headed over to the annual Walker crawfish boil where it was most unfortunately still raining. I LOVE me some crawfish though so we didn't let it stop us. Like I am embarrassed that I really can't stop eating it. And most especially when they have so much of it. I watched Bear and Chris play beer pong and drank from a Dos Equis KEG! I love that stuff and I never even thought to get a keg of it! And I am happy and surprised to know that it does not give me a headache. Good to know.

So then today, Sunday, I slept till noon. Gotta love that!! And not sure what else today has in store. Maybe a movie. And I definitely have to go to the mall and to Kohls. But I think that is about it.

Oh and this it the swimsuit I ordered from VS for our trip.

I am so happy - it fits!!! And is really cute. The bottoms even cover my extra large bootie and that makes a gal ever so happy. I did order medium bottoms though and while they do fit, with the skirt over them it is just a tad too tight (you can see the waist line under the skirt) I am going to exchange them for a large. AND as an added extra extra bonus when I called to get the exchange - the whole suit was even more on SALE!!! So I got an adjustment on all the items. SCORE. Now I just have to do an excessive amount of situps everyday before the trip and we will be good.

May 6, 2009


As you can tell I am very excited. ;-)

We booked a vacation to cruise to the Bahamas. !!!!


Ok, and yes, Bear has said that he would not go a cruise again. However, in light of the recent scare for sw.ine fl.u in Mexico we were trying to look for other ideas. Because Mexico was our first choice for something cheap and FUN to do as a trip. We didn't totally rule it out because of the flu... And we have said we would not go there on a cruise again because it is more fun to fly there and lay on the beach the entire time with all the food and drinks you could want.

But sadly, with the flu stuff and then us just waiting too long, we couldn't really find a deal good enough to go there (in our opinion anyway) plus we had this nagging feeling that we wanted to go somewhere we haven't been before. Those thoughts turned into dreams of going to Hawaii instead. The rooms and flights right now are super good deals! But once we started looking at all we would want to do, it just adds up really fast and to way too much. Something for another time.

So then Bear found a cruise out of Miami to Nassau, Bahamas, Cococay (some cruise ship private island) and Key West, Florida. And we looked everywhere high and low to see what kind of deals we could get on that or something similar plus airfare. And finally we settled on it and hit all the buttons ;-) I admit I was little crazed after we hit the button and spent the money. All these things run through my mind - OMG DID WE DO THE RIGHT THING? GAH. Will it be cheaper tomorrow? ect ect ect

Then Bear sent me these pictures today from Google Earth.

Yep. I think we did the right thing. So excited!! I hope I can get some pictures like that too!